All members will be vetted with a questionnaire to ensure similar principles and beliefs. 3%Club will not be promoted on any social media platforms. Every person has been selected because they fly an American Flag on their houses and has received this brochure through a door-to-door canvasing campaign. All members are upstanding and honorable Patriots.


Members who are willing to Defend fellow 3%Club supporters will train together in self-defense, firearms, and physical fitness. Members of the Unofficial Militia will be on-call for Antifa / BLM demonstrations to protect property of fellow 3%Club supporters. Providing security for business owners and neighborhoods within the 3%Club. In worst case scenarios We will defend against invading armies or tyrannical government. We will be prepared for SHTF events. This is an Unofficial Militia group, no permissions from the government required. It is the People’s Right to Gather!


The goal is to be a self sufficient community. 3%Club members will trade services, supplies, food share, and knowledge amongst each other. Utilizing barter, precious metals, and Bitcoin we will keep our wealth away form the money printers safeguarding ourselves from the coming hyper-inflation. Most importantly we must build a food share program with local farmers and ranchers. Also, we shall utilize our own growing spaces within our properties.


Two minds are better than one, fifty-six minds changed the world. 3%Club members will be from different backgrounds with a variety of professions. We will pool our knowledge to teach each other how to overcome any obstacles that may arise. From self defense, first aid, communications to farming, we will cover all aspects of life required to create a fully self sufficient community. We will preserve history and the principles that made this the greatest Country on Earth.


Communication between the 3%Club will be mostly offline, through encrypted emails or within private groups on free speech platforms. We will utilize private groups, a Telegram private group and radio frequencies. No discussion will take place on legacy social media platforms! Phones will not be allowed at gatherings. Our privacy is paramount.


Our world is in a spiritual war between Good and Evil. We are all being accosted constantly by the Satanic practices of Hollywood and the organized Religions. Those who do not answer to a higher power are susceptible to moral ambiguity. The principles of the 3%Club will always strive to glorify God and the Judea Christian beliefs this Country was founded on. Although worship is not required to be part of the 3%Club, it is encouraged. We kneel for no man, only God. Jesus Christ is King! A community with common beliefs is stronger than one that is divided.

“For we aim at what is honorable not only in the Lord’s sight but also in the sight of man.”

2 Corinthians 8:21