Are you ready to take a stand against this tyrannical government? Have you had enough of these lockdowns and threats against our freedom? Do you want to connect with people who think and feel like you? It is time we gather together to build and secure a future we can be proud of to gift our children and future generations. This is more than just an unofficial militia this is a club of like-minded people, a community. Even if you are beyond fighting age or lack the ability and resources to fight physically, you are still needed in this fight! What skills and knowledge do you have to contribute? Follow the steps below and see where you can help further the cause of liberty. Welcome to the 3%Club!

Step 1: Create a Email Account (Encrypted Email)

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Step 2: Create a Social media Account. (Free Speech Platform)

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Step 3: Create a Telegram Account. (Not Required, encouraged. If you do not feel comfortable using your phone#, use a phone number generator.)

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Step 4: Download the Questionnaire by clicking the “3-Club-Questionnaire-Fillable” Link. Answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

Step 5: Once you have completed the Questionnaire, email the filled out file to Also include in the email links to your current legacy social media profiles and await a response with further instructions. You will only receive a response if we feel you are a trustworthy, like-minded Patriot. Not all members will be part of the Unofficial Militia. Positions within the 3%Club will be determined through the Questionnaire results and after the first meeting.

Once the door-to-door canvassing campaign has completed and we have had correspondence through the website, we will gather for our first meeting. Every Patriot flying an American Flag in the Conejo Valley will be notified of us. Thank you for the support, God bless you. Long live the Republic!